Mission Statement


Those who call Horizon Church their home accept “The Call” to…

Worship – God has called His people to worship and glorify His name. This should be the supreme purpose of every Christian’s life.

Teach – We are called to teach and preach His word, in season and out of season. Our challenge is to create exciting times of Bible study with practical application.

Reach – The call from the throne of God is to reach the lost before it’s too late. We must answer the call of the “Great Commission, “ to go and make disciples of all men.

Fellowship – This is the call for the people of God to come together at the “Agape Feast.” This is celebration time. It’s the opportunity that is given to the church to have fun and socialize with one another. This is where we really get to know each other.

Care – This is the call to care for people: Christians and enemies alike. This is actually, “Discipleship” in action. This is the hand of the church stretched out to disciple the hardest of the hard who need love, help, and someone to speak into their lives.