Horizon Church Staff

Pastors Coco And Lynn Perez
Pastor Coco & Lynn Perez
Lead Pastor

Pastors Coco & Lynn Perez

Pastor Coco Perez has been a pastor, evangelist, and world mission leader since 1976. He is currently the lead pastor of Horizon Church in West Sacramento, California, and has been since 1995. He completed his ministry degree from the Assemblies of God Global Bible Institute. Pastor Perez has been studying biblical prophecy ever since his conversion in 1973 (48 years). In his own words, “I have studied, and researched this subject consistently, and exhaustively, for thousands of hours.” Coco has been teaching biblical prophecy ever since. As a sixties kid, influenced heavily by drugs and the hippie movement, his sole desire was to become a professional rock drummer. It wasn’t until his experience with God, one hot summer evening, on the banks of the American River, that God changed those plans and directed him toward ministry.  As fate would have it, a new Christian friend placed a book in his hand entitled…The Late Great Planet Earth, by Hal Lindsey. This book sparked an interest in the study of the last days, biblical prophecy, the book of Revelation, and the second coming of Christ. 

Pastor Coco’s beautiful wife, Lynn, is the rock behind their ministry. Lynn has been involved with, or in charge of, women’s ministry from the day they decided to serve in the church. She not only takes care of the women’s ministry at Horizon Church, but is also behind the scenes of just about every other ministry, helping with the kids, small groups, and Bible studies. She exemplifies the word “leadership” and has a great team of women who help alongside her.

Pastor Garrick Vasquez
Associate Pastor

Pastor Garrick Vasquez

Pastor Garrick and his lovely wife, Rosa, have been part of Horizon since 1994. Garrick has been the director of Celebrate Recovery since 1996 and received his ministerial license in 2016. Pastor G has a passion to serve the people of West Sacramento. He also heads up our Men’s and Grief Share Ministries.

My passion is to serve the people of this great city. God has been so good to me and to my family. I believe that God can take a mess and turn it into a message that would bring encouragement to change your life. He did it for me, and I know He can do it for you!

Pastor G

Pastor Danny And Sony
Pastor Daniel & Sony
Associate Pastor / Church Business Administrator

Pastor Daniel Villegas

Pastor Daniel Villegas and his wife Sonia came to Horizon Church in 2005 from Brooklyn, NY. They bring years of experience working in the ministry as Sidewalk Sunday School leaders in the boroughs of New York City. They have two amazing daughters and are very grateful to be a part of what God is doing here in West  Sacramento. Pastor Danny served as our Children’s Pastor for four years before taking the position as our Church Business Administrator.

I love serving God in every aspect of the ministry. This is a great undertaking and one that is not taken lightly. I understand my role as CBA of Horizon Church and would serve in this position with great integrity.

Pastor Danny
Guillermo and Martha
Martha & Guillermo (Memo) Arias
FamilyOne Bible Study Teacher

Martha Arias

Martha Arias is one of our FamilyOne Bible Study teachers and a powerful prayer warrior. She gave her life to Jesus Christ in 1989 and since that day, her heart has been full of gratitude for all that God has done in her life, marriage, family, and ministry. She considers it a privilege to serve the people of Horizon Church.

I am a witness to the Power of God to save souls and transform the lives of many. I love teaching His word and praying for anyone in need. I know that the power of prayer brings change, healings, and miracles.

Martha Arias
Pastor Ron & Brenda Mason
Worship Pastor

Pastor Ronald Mason

Pastor Ron has been a Worship Pastor, and has been in ministry with his wife Brenda, for over 30 years. He has years of experience in teaching a variety of music styles — ranging from contemporary Christian music to black gospel praise and worship — and has built worship ministry teams, including vocalists and instrumentalists. On many occasions district and sectional leaders have requested him to present at various events. His wife is a licensed Minister, and is in the process of attaining her ordination from the General Council of the Assemblies of God. Over the years, she has given her best to serve in various ministries, from Worship Administrative Assistant, teaching Women’s Ministries Bible Studies, and Church Bookkeeping.

All of us are wired for worship, and one way we can express true love to God and worship Him is through a full time/personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Ron